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2020 Waves of Glory

November 7-13

Opening Ceremony

November 7th

11:00 a.m.

City Park



After a successful inaugural year for Waves of Glory, the Rotary Club of Commerce will continue the tradition in our community again this year.  A venue will be provided for families and individuals to say “thank you” to those who protect our freedom and provide for our safety – the veterans and first responders of Hunt county.  This year, we are expanding the tribute to include first responders.


Installed at City Park, the field will be transformed into a moving tribute to service personnel and first responders, living and deceased.  A field of 200+ 3’x5’ flags will provide the public the opportunity to circulate among the flags as they read individual stories about the brave men and women who truly put “Service above Self” (Rotary’s motto) as they provide for our protection and safety.  Each flag will have a placard attached that will tell the story of the veteran or first responder.  Upon visiting the installation, a guide will be available to inform families of where their loved one’s flag is located.  

There is NO CHARGE to honor a veteran or first responder in this tribute.  If you have a veteran or first responder you would like to honor, please fill out the form located at this link.


For more information, contact Jim Ayres at 214-729-7525 or